Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Home made moong dal sprouts

Sprouting whole moong dal is quite simple. Here is a step by step tutorial for sprouting the moong dal.
  • On Day1 night wash and soak a cup of moong dal with surplus water.
  • On Day 2 morning, wash the moong dal in cold running water and soak them again.
  • On Day 2 night drain the water and sprinkle some water on top of the it and leave them in a dark place.As the weather was cold I placed the moong dal in my oven. If you are staying in warmer places, then you can put the moong dal in a muslin cloth tie them and hang it in a dark place.
  •  Day 3 morning check the dal if it has sprouted. It would have sprouted if you are in living in a warm climate. If you are staying in cold places the moong dal would have just started sprouting and hence sprinkle some water and put them back in the oven.
  • The moong dal sprouts would be read by Day 4 night.
  • The sprouts can be stored in a glass contained and refrigirated and it stays good for a week.

Moong sprouts are good source of proteins, Vitamin -C, potassium and iron. These sprouts can be used in raw salads and also making curries although it is best eaten raw or very lightly cooked.


  1. Homemade moong dal sprouts looks really nice. I Make them when I get time.

  2. some lemon juice and cut chilies and you got yourself a hearty meal - Love it and wish i made this sort of sprouts more often!

  3. Very nicely sprouted, Yes I sprout them at least once a week. A very useful post for newbies.

  4. Moong dal sprouts looks very nice and healthy too...

  5. wonderful and healthy sprouts :) ll try this :)

  6. Love to make salads with sprout moong beans..this looks great!

  7. Very well explained in easy to understand steps...First time here..You have a lovely space with a wonderful collection of recipes..Glad to follow you...

  8. i for reason have trouble sprouting this healthy seed.. thanks for sharing..

    new to ur space n happy to follow u for more wonderful creations..
    do visit me when u get time ..

  9. Love sprouts in salad and thoran..Thanks for sharing this..


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